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I do quite like the message, and how it's presented. Yes, noone is perfect, people have strengths and weakness, yadayada. Animation is solid, voice work solid too.
That said...
You are referencing an externally stored MP4 file in the flash object. This file is not preloaded, and will cause the movie to not play after clicking play, and display a white box instead. Initially, I thought the flash was broken, but it was just buffering the video.
Firstly, that is bad communication. I was unaware it was loading, that needs to be communicated. A simple "buffering..." message could have done that.
Secondly, the movie is HUGE in filesize. 34.4 MB, served in h264 video, 1280px x 720px @ 2383 kb/s @ 29.97 fps. My internet is incredibly poor, and had to wait ten minutes for it to load, which leads me to my final point...
Lastly, this movie looks like it was animated in flash. WHY NOT SERVE IT AS FLASH?! By rendering it, and serving the render, you are receiving all the downsides of flash (no mobile, can crash unexpectedly) while chucking out all the potential benefits (scales to fit viewer, low filesize, optional quality).

I mean, seriously, why?! Newgrounds HAS a movie player. You could have just submitted the mp4 file. But instead, we have buggy, crash-ridden flash, with none of the benefits... : / (Not to say your code is buggy, flash just keeps crashing! D: )

ADASport responds:

Great feedback. Thank you.

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It's incredibly difficult to correctly find the changed ones, especially when it reverts to what it was originally. >.<
A game of changes isn't really for me, I have a terrible memory.
Also, you lose points if you click on an already clicked box for some reason. You'd think the game would just ignore that. You lose points if you click again on one already clicked. How odd.
A reasonable game, but I can't say it's for me.

Quite a decent game. I do like the dynamic track, but I seem to be absolutely terrible at it.
Your soundtrack is also very nice too.

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