Entry #1

Hey everyone

2013-03-20 14:48:25 by RazorSharpFang

Just made a newgrounds account, and... well... this place seems pretty cool actually.
I feel like I'm going to enjoy my time here. yay.

Anyway, this account is here to post animations I make, so look forward to that.
Keep it awesome, y'all!


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2013-03-20 22:28:07

Since your new,a fair warning: There are QUITE a lot of assholes on this site,in the form of trolls,spammers,ragers and blamers

That aside,welcome to NG /)


2013-03-21 15:40:28

What geacu said. Also welcome to NG! /)


2013-03-22 10:45:48

Welcome To The NewGrounds!!!

Also ur animation is great what did u make it with??? (sorry for asking)(i just need an animating advice)

RazorSharpFang responds:

Oops, I didn't see this comment for eons. Sorry.
I use Adobe Flash, and that's it for software.
Also, a lot of patience too. Creating animation takes AGES!